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Abandoned herring factory

Andrea MaackComment
Abandoned herring factory

Me and Íris the photographer woke up around 6 am we wanted to catch the very brief sunrise in the bay outside the house, this time of year we only get about 6 hours of daylight. It was so amazingly crispy outside the bay was super still, there were no waves but I kept thinking this must be the way you feel after you have been surfing in Iceland

Photos: Íris Dögg Einarsdóttir

Wet suit KTZ

After breakfast I checked out the factory (my studio) for the next few days for the first time, it really feels like something out of a horror movie but that´s up my alley so I was excited to get started

Outside view of the facory

Me and and the girls setting up

I had randomly selected paint back in Reykjavík and had no idea what I was going to do. My team set up for me and for the first half of the day I just looked at the pieces and got a feel of the factory. I started painting a little bit, I asked the crew just to leave me alone I wanted to get into the zone and started painting away, as the day went on I got more and more heavy somehow, something came over me and I started to feel horrible, like crying like someone had stabbed me, I walked up to the house where we were staying and I just could´t talk to anyone, it was like I had been possessed somehow. I got so depressed and hated how the pieces were looking...

Possessed by the factory deamons

My team was super worried and decided we should try to shift the energy in there and  do a "cleanse" of sorts inside the space later that evening...

The team post cleanse