Midsummer nights

Midsummer nights

"Rauðisandur" beach or Red Sands beach is a beautiful red beach in a very remote area in the Westfjords . Most beaches in Iceland are black, but the beaches in the Westfjords are golden or pink. It is kind of reddish in colour and the name of the beach is most likely derived from the colour of the sand. The sand changes in colour from being yellow to red to black. It was the perfect backdrops for a project I had been thinking for for a while, I wanted to make paper sculptures and photograph them in the sand. One summer day in late June me and the team packed up and hit the road, I had been told that the West in the summer is the best, It was better than I could have ever imagined...

Photos Saga Sig

The weather on the way was so amazing, and I filled my Icelandic Glacial bottle with water from "the source" (jeans Frame denim)

Outfit Rick Owens

After about a 6 hour drive in amazing weather we reached the first destination a tiny little place where we would be sleeping, since this was a last minute trip it was quite difficult finding a place to stay for our group but a local lent us his summerhouse so we were lucky...this place has about 10 houses and one swimming pool....

The swimming pool

It had a natural hot tub with an amazing view, very DUAL

Swimsuit Eyglo

After a super relaxed afternoon we took a drive to Dynjandi waterfall, it´s one of the biggest ones in Iceland and I had always wanted to visit it, since I saw it in one of my dad´s photos from the 70´s

The landscape on the way there was breahtaking

Walking the line between summer and winter

The photo my dad took in 1976

The view from the top

Dynjandi, a natural charger

The pink midnight sun