Amuse I-D in Iceland

Amuse magazine ( sent Chris Haterhill of Super Collider to Iceland and we had one day together to get some scent inspiration...well the day we had was very very rainy...foggy...and cold...but we decided to head off Reykjanes Pennisual and we had a really nice day with photographer Anna Maggý and the images are actually came our really nice and are very perfumy, I also love what Chris wrote he really got what I´m doing

And it’s easy to see how Iceland provides a palette for Andrea, whose artworks and perfumes seek to express what we’re experiencing now through scent. Fragrances names like ‘Ion’ and ‘Soft Tension’ hint at almost scientific explorations while clean, simple fragrances like ‘Coal’ and ‘Birch’ reflect this natural freshness.


Dress Rick Owens

Backpack Cote & Ciel

Chris and Gísli matching the scenery

Details of the sulphur mines we visited

Inside the cave...Raufarhólshellir

Dress Rick Owens matching the rocks

Grillið one of the oldest and most prestigious restaurants in Reykjavík with a panorama view invited us for an amazing dinner-thanks!