Andrea Maack

Entering the cave

Andrea Maack
Entering the cave

After a productive day in Stykkishólmur we headed out to the Water-cave. To get to the cave you need to walk through a tiny tunnel that takes you 35 meters underground. From the surface you walk down some stairs and walk a few steps until you reach the first chamber. Then you go further down until you reach another set of stairs and make your way even further down. Just to put things into perspective 35 meters is like a 12 story high building. We met up with the rest of our crew Snædís and Haukur who were shooting a video I was planning to show at an upcoming gallery exhibition in Toronto, and Finnur who recorded the sound inside the cave. A part of the crew that´s super claustrophobic were panicking to enter that tiny hole but once you are inside it´s so big that you just feel like you could be anywhere..It´s indescribable to go into the cave and just wander around so I went into performance mode and imagined that this was my humble abode ...In another world and another life

Photos Saga Sig and Anna Maggý

Down the stairs

Walking up and down the stairs was surreal

Amazing textures inside the cave

Strolling around in my new "home"

After the cave shoot we drove for about a half an hour to Djúpalónssandur, a sandy beach and bay on foot of Snæfellsjökull, it was once home to sixty fishing boats and one of the most prolific fishing villages on the Snæfellsnes peninsula but today the bay is uninhabited. The plan was to take one of the original artwork I made in the studio and make a performance video. The crew all had these super warm overalls from 66 on, it was pretty cold...while I was running around in a dress....I could however spot all of them from a mile away in those super orange suits on the very black sand

Orange suits on the black beach

Orange suits on the black beach

Colder than it looks

Throwing the painting into the sea

Taking in the fresh air

After a long productive day, down the cave and to the beach...we drove to Hótel Búðir a super super nice boutique hotel, and just chilled for the rest of the day...after dinner I took a walk up to the Black church and it started snowing again very magical and morbid at the same time

Hótel Búðir

Detail photos from outside the hotel

Pink sea

Finally some food...

Chilling at the hotel

The walk up to the church

Snowing again

Bye bye Búðir