Andrea Maack


Andrea Maack

The cleanse inside the studio space had worked and me and Íris got up early again for a walk around the area, I put on my white overalls and was ready to tackle the pieces and make some new works

Photos Íris Dögg Einarsdóttir

Beautiful morning a fresh start 

Inside the studio day 3

The day had been super productive pieces were looking good so we starting assembling them outside at the beach for inspection 

Looking at the work (top Rick Owens, shoes KTZ)


One of my favorite pieces titled "Surf"

Freyja the local dog kept a close eye on us

The final evening we decided to do a bonfire on the beach, I really wanted to use all the pieces I had painted in the bonfire, but my team talked some sense into me and today I´m actually glad I didn´t burn all of the original pieces....that said we made a gorgeous bonfire and went inside to have nice dinner with the caretakers at Hotel Djúpavík when we got to the beach after dinner the beach had flooded and the driftwood was floating around...rescue mission bonfire...I actually liked the way the looked scattered around the bay. We gathered some of the dry pieces we had left and made a new bonfire pronto, it was the perfect way to end the workshop

Witchcraft (dress Anita Hirlekar)

Getting the logs to shore (suit KTZ)

Light my fire