The hurricane

Amazing 3 day journey around Iceland searching for scent inspiration with my crew: Saga Sig photographer, Ási Már styling, Thelma Rut make-up, Gísli ceo, Sandra uber producer and photographer Benjamin McMahon who was documenting the journey for AnOther magazine. Morning of departure we woke up to a hurricane and a volcano eruption but decided to head out anyways...The original plan was to visit Landmannalaugar which was formed in an eruption around the year 1477 and is known for its natural geothermal hot springs and surrounding landscape. Half way there we realised that the road was closed and we had to take another route through a field of sand, out of nowhere this amazing sand storm and a full on rainbow appeared so we jumped out an got some amazing shots, there is no way this a mood we could have planned for in any way but it looked so good, crazy colors...a scent inspiration at it´s best

Photos: Saga Sig

Ready to head out in a hurricane  (jacket KTZ, sunglasses GreyAnt)

What the hell were we thinking

The rainbow came out and Ben looks happy


The way to the "moon"

Gentle rock exfoliation (dress Rick Owens)

Photos Benjamin McMahon:

After a natural face exfoliation.. it was time to head to the pool....Seljavallalaug is a protected 25-metre outdoor pool in southern Iceland. The pool is one of the oldest swimming pools in Iceland and was built in 1923, I had actually never been´s one of those obvious places the locals just never visit so I was quite excited to check it out...the weather was a bit mad (hurricane and all) and we had to hike for about an hour to get there, I was the only one actually going in the water and I couldn´t wait to get into the hot pool...well hot it was not and the changing rooms were mortifying...I think someone had just been killed in there..but the photos tell another story, I guess i´m just pool "spoiled" from all my yeas as a swimmer...

The Ísak jeeps got us around safely

The way up to the pool, this image represents DUAL (the fragrance) the most to me

Smelling session


Diving in (Swimsuit Adidas, top Bernhard Wilhelm)