Andrea Maack

Cornucopia edp

Andrea Maack
Cornucopia edp


Andrea Maack´s new spring fragrance titled Cornucopia is simply meant to be a fragrance to enjoy.

Cornucopia otherwise known as The Horn of Plenty, is a symbol of an overowing abundance, a contemplation focused away from any type of unfulfilled personal needs or wants. The expansive, all-encompassing scent lets you fall back, breathe easy and feel as if you will never need for anything again. Andrea draws up an ambiguous illustration of plenty that has many interpretations, the outcome is this ultimate lush spring fragrance.

For her vision to become a reality she sought out the services of perfumer Sophie Truitard, who played with the layering of different raw materials and textures to obtain several distinct layers of scents throughout this unique fragrance. Each raw ingredient represents its own brick to create a harmonious shape, weaving mini fragrances within the fragrance, assembled together creating a complex composition. It is a modern blend combining bitter cold spices on top of warm liquorice animalic notes. The dark atmosphere of the cumin, incense and styrax are enhanced with lighter ingredients such as green and pink pepper, cypress wood and the unique note Bigarane, a soft green note reminiscent of Petitgrain seen in very few fragrance compositions. The black musk and candied g develop the fragrance into an addictive and captivating original lucrative scented universe.


Head : Green pepper, Bigarane, Cypress Wood

Heart : Cumin, Angelica, Incense

Bottom : Candied fig, Styrax, Black Musk

Campaign images shot in Iceland by Amy Haslerhurst @brokensundowns

Art Direction: @andreamaack x @brokensundowns

Cornucopia is available at selected retailers world-wide and