LA travel story-Violet Grey

LA travel story-Violet Grey

My first introduction to the Los Angeles beauty-scene did not disappoint. I’ve always adored the Hollywood Glamour look so I knew I was going to love my first stop at the uber chic Violet Grey. Located in a beautiful spot in Melrose Place, upon arrival I already felt special as if I was entering a secret beauty garden. Greeted by the super sweet Claire Jessup the PR manager at Violet Grey, we sat down in gorgeous velvet chairs, I was later told are from the movie L.A Confidential. I quickly learned that this place was founded by Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey in 2010 and began in a discrete penthouse on Melrose Place. Over time it has naturally evolved into a place where the best of beauty in LA can be found. Each brand they evaluate goes through a rigorous testing process before a stamp of approval tilted Approved by The Violet Code. Searching for that Violet Grey stamp of approval myself, we started off with a scented journey through my fragrance collection, filling the room with a mix of thick white Icelandic fog in Soft Tension and wet green moss in Coven, making some of the staff very curious on what was going on. After a sniff session I wanted to know everything about this beauty haven and especially the products they offer. I spotted some favourites of mine such as 111skin and Joanna Vargas (where I would later on the trip have an amazing facial) but was mostly interested in some new finds. Living in a very cold climate Claire swiftly suggested one of their HERO products The Rich Cream from one of their latest finds Germany skincare brand Augustinus Bader. I have now been using this cream every day for about 3 week and I can absolutely see why it´s so popular amongst their clientele, it really gives the skin such an amazing glow and I love a glow-y look especially before putting on make up. I will absolutely be stocking up on this cream for the coldest part of the Icelandic winter that´s coming up. I also wanted to know about the Korean brand´s Violet Grey had put their stamp of approval on and got introduced to Hanacure the All-In-One-Facial, that´s inspired by the Lotus Flower. This became another product that fully lived up to my expectations, from the small procedure of mixing the components yourself to skin that felt as if it had been re-awakened.

I loved my experience in Violet Grey and as you can see from the photos it´s such a cozy, luxurious, beautiful space that exports you back it time with a modern twist, a place where everyone can be a movie star for a minute.