AnOther Magazine

For this AnOther Magazine editorial, I was super happy to be collaborating with photographer Antje Peters, who does these amazing still life shots. The basic idea the magazine pitches was that she would interpret one of my fragrances CRAFT to into a still life shot basing it only on the notes and not actually smelling it at all. I loved this as it reminds me of when I first started in fragrances and used to send a perfumer in Grasse my drawings that he would then interpret into a fragrance. When I first saw the photos I was surprised how well she had managed to capture the scent. Afterwards I sent her a bottle so she could actually smell the scent and she could see it as well, how well the photograph and the scent matched. I love this way of collaborating, one artist in Reykjavík and photographer in Berlin, thanks AnOther for commissioning this project I really enjoyed it. 

Text Hannah Tindle

"It was never Icelandic artist Andrea Maack’s intention to pursue the development of a perfume brand. But the nature of her practice – operating in the space between conceptual art and commercialism – naturally dictated that this is the olfactory path she should follow. “It wasn’t even a transitional process really; my work is both art and perfume at the same time, with fashion and beauty becoming subjects in themselves – and it’s always been this way,” she says. Her namesake company, Andrea Maack, was established in 2010 as a purely conceptual entity; an extension of her show at the Reykjavik Museum of Art that mused upon “what the future would smell like”. She explains that “scent is so often associated with nostalgia, but I was interested in looking forward. I have little curiosity in working with the past.”